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Here are Michelle’s favorites:


1. Faith in our Kids from a Family Ministry Model

This session explores the biblical principles found in God’s design to pass faith down from generation to generation. It will encourage practioners to evaluate how we are passing on this faith in a family ministry context, examine what kind of faith we are passing on, and practical ways to ensure we accomplish this successfully.


2. Exploring the New Landscape of Family Ministry

The landscape of ministry to the family is rapidly changing. As the church seeks to respond to the needs of the family, we must be aware and prepared to care for the families in our ministries. This seminar will take an investigative look at our current paradigms of ministry to children and families and offer practical ideas on how to implement a new paradigm of family ministry for this new generation within your local church.


3. Awakening Spiritual Parenting in Today’s Families

Parents are being awakened to their God-given roles to be the spiritual nurturers of their children. But most parents feel inferior and ill-equipped for such a role. How does the church effectively come alongside of their parents and both inspire and equip them to spiritually guide and grow their children, instead of merely taking on this role itself?


4. Igniting Faith in Your Children’s and Family Ministry

Children attend our churches every weekend! How do we know that we are cultivating what is most important in their lives…Faith in God and a dependence on Him? In this session you will discover how to implement practical environments for your ministry that will allow kids faith to grow and be expressed both in the home and in your program.


5. Transformational Teaching: Teaching to the Heart

The traditional approach to teaching assumes that we learn differently in the classroom than we do in real life. In actuality, the soul learns differently than the mind. Why is this and how can we teach God’s Word in such a way that lives are transformed and God’s amazing story is replicated in those we teach?


6. Finding our Place in The Big God Story

Sets up your Children’s or Family Ministry to understand the importance of teaching Bible stories in context to the big picture…making God the main character of an epic narrative. Shares the actual Big God Story and ends with a discussion of how teaching from this vantage point changes the way we teach and how we help children to find their place in it.


7. Spiritual Formation for Today’s Generation

With so many conversations about Spiritual Formation happening in today’s church, this session will unpack a firm understanding of what best creates lifetime faith from the inside out. You will investigate Christian education and spiritual formation models from a historical, biblical, and theological perspective while giving practical examples for implementation in children’s and family programming.


8. Flying in V-Formation: Leading in the Midst of Change

Keeping one’s head during a season of change is one thing, but to lead in the midst of it is quite another. In this breakout leaders will gain insight into the obstacles that are common to seasons of transition and give practical tools to help respond in biblical ways and productive strategies to help your team end up on the other side unified and inspired.


9. Resourcing Your Parents to be Spiritual Leaders 

Just because we know it’s the responsibility of our parents to be the nurturers of their children’s faith doesn’t mean they have the tools for the job. A big part of our responsibility is to equip them with what they’ll need to get the job done. How do we do that and how does it change our roles? This workshop will give practical examples and strategies to encourage parents at all stages.


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